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The M-Files solution is the most function-rich solution on the market (so says a bunch of independent analysts).  The trajectory of M-Files since 2012 within Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is reflective of their focus on their offering as well as their commitment to continually reinvest in innovation and technological advancement.

Core Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence

M-Files have invested heavily in making use of AI for automatic classification, processing and data extraction.  Recent studies have suggested up to a quarter of a knowledge workers time is wasted dealing with the myriad of challenges related to working with business content across the entire lifecycle.  Sifting Sifting through a huge amount of clutter to find business-critical data among disconnected repositories is a very common problem in today’s world.  Imagine a system where the customer name, the document type and any number of other salient items can be automatically gleaned and then based on that extracted metadata the system can then secure the content to the authorised users!


Analyse content from M-Files vaults and connected repositories to identify certain types of content


Automatically set permissions to protect the content based on the metadata


Promote the content and classify/categorise with relevant metadata


Automatically trigger workflows for managing the content

Imagine the scenario – a company operates over a large geographical location. 

A fire is started at a small town by an asset of that company and someone is tragically killed. All of a sudden the name of that small town has a completely different meaning and context for that business. You may want to automatically secure all content that mentions that town to make sure it isn’t deleted and is available for subsequent legal discovery.  Using M-Files AI engine and multi repository search that is a snap rather than a 2 month compliance nightmare.

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