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Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager will help you manage  your meetings more efficiently and securely, surfacing  the right versions of documents instantly and letting you share  them dynamically with meeting stakeholders.  Agendas, Minutes,  Decisions and Supporting Documentation can be automatically generated and distributed.


Meetings are an essential but often arduous requirement for most organisations

Developing agendas, providing submissions, creating minutes, and sharing pre-reading can be time consuming and frustrating.  Traditionally, documents for meetings need to be submitted to the organiser days in advance, with no chance for last minute amendments. Minutes can take days to compile and distribute. Reviewing previous minutes or decisions requires trawling through e-mails or folders. Heaven forbid if you couldn’t attend, are you even on the distribution?

Reduce your burden, increase your


By automating and streamlining the meeting management process, Meeting Manager dramatically  reduces the burden of manual labour on executive assistants  and other meeting stakeholders.  

Additional benefits include:

  • increased accuracy because version control  issues are eliminated

  • faster minutes distribution with automated  creation and distribution, freeing up your time to focus on  high-value activities

  • reduced chance of confidential information  leaking with build in security

  • improved organisational efficiency by offering  simple yet powerful search capabilities across  your organisation’s entire meeting history so all  staff members get the information they need  instantly, without wasting time searching for the  right documents.

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