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Project Document Control

LCAB (Large Capital Asset Build) – a cost effective solution for delivering coordinated design and construct projects over the entire lifecycle.  Manage the entire process from conception, through design, construct, deliver and operate.  We cater for all stakeholders of all shapes and sizes from the large EPCM vendors and asset owners through to the local SMB service providers seamlessly

Colleagues Working Together

Flexible Distribution Method

Utilising the award winning M-Files solution suite, LCAB provides the ultimate flexibility in system and user deployment.  Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premise server side and a full desktop experience for the dedicated knowledge workers, browser for those that don’t want a footprint on their home PC or mobile (Apple/Android) for those at the coal face. 

Licencing is per user and annual subscription based with flexibility around regular and infrequent users.

Even better, there is no server cost!

Server side deployment can even occur on a project laptop if connectivity is limited or IT infrastructure is minimal (like say an offshore rig?) and replication / synchronisation is then handled automatically by M-Files when connectivity becomes available.


Transmittals are incredibly easy in LCAB.  We also recognise that not all service providers are going to want to interact with the project in the same way.  There are 3 ways that a transmittal can be delivered:

Attached as an email

This method is best used for infrequent and smaller organisations where date stamps are not essential

Posted as a public link

This method is best used for infrequent and smaller organisations where proof of receipt is important

Published to the portal

This method is for high traffic and multiple iteration content sharing

It is also important to note that the multiple transmittal methods can be used in the same transmittal as the supplier profile designates the method not the transmittal itself.  This way you do not have to send multiple transmittals with the same content – the system does it all at once and automatically

Meeting Room Business


The Final Nightmare

Transition to Operations

LCAB allows project content to be tagged with descriptors relevant to the project during the project lifecycle.  In addition, you can ascribe asset or corporate information to that content at either a specific point in the project or content lifecycle (ie. Drawing is now As Built) or right from project inception.  That can then trigger a slew of additional metadata requirements related to the asset information.  This can then be populated by the Asset or operations team without any disruption to the project team.  Integrations to most asset management systems is easily achieved through the REST API or database table synchronisation.

Dynamic views are designed to ensure that no project content is left behind.

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