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Zero-Touch Records Management

Do you need to deliver records management and information governance aligned to 

AS 15489 and 16175?


Challenges for Effective Records Management

Document vs Record?

Sometimes, users are uncertain about how to treat content.  When does a document become a record, and where should it be stored?  “I have started working on something, but it isn’t ready to be a record (in my eyes), because I am still drafting and it is still a little rough, so I will save it on my laptop for now”

Business Classification Scheme is Unfamiliar or Out of Date

The business classification scheme was developed several years ago “with” the business but the consultant has left and the business has subsequently evolved thus the context is lost and the user takes a punt on what it should be

Usability vs Governance

Users will always seek the path of least resistance, and will use familiar system or structures  rather than the highly regimented records system.

How Does ZTRM Solve These Challenges?

Leveraging the unique artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities of M-Files to significantly minimise the effort required to consistently records-manage and classify content.

Easily maintain compliance and complete transparency over content from other repositories such as SharePoint, Teams, Network Drives and Google Drive by taking advantage of the powerful M-Files connector framework


Rules-based mapping to metadata, class & security model by leveraging rich AI features

Flexible management of formal classification schemes (Keyword AAA) and disposal authorities (AFDA Express)

Compliant with ISO 15489 & 16175

Swiftly manages a change of government process

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